Currently, we are responsible for the provision of men and working equipment to load/offload vessels of their cargoes.

We operate at:

  • ENL Consortium - Terminal C & D
  • Greenview Development Nigeria Ltd (GDNL) - Terminal E

ENL Consortium Limited is a multi-purpose Terminal handling various cargoes such as: Bagged rice, Fertilizer, Cement, General Cargo (Steel, Iron rod, heavy equipments) and Frozen Fish.

Greenview terminal on the other hand is a break bulk terminal handling and discharging cargoes like bulk rice, bulk wheat, bulk sugar, bulk salt to mention a few.

We are driven by dedication and professionalism. We plan to cover all seas of Nigeria and provide efficient shipping services-protective agency on port vessels, cargo and containers mooring, unmooring of vessels boats, water transportation, tugs, ship barges, Water cabmen, husbandry of vessels to safe berth to Lagos and beyond.

Also Vessel chartering, bunkering of vessels, supply of fresh water and provision of cargo surveyors: co-ordinate all sort of logistics and services e.g. ship-to-ship (STS) transfer of liquid cargo and prompt turnaround of your vessels.

The Company has partnered with a leading truck management company, Kurna Global Ventures Limited, to provide experience within the ports for haulage operations.

With a large part of the business concentrated on procurement with specifications to satisfy client’s requirements and supply partners all over Europe, Blueche have been able to ensure cheap and fast delivery.

Given the size of our investment portfolio, the company is financially strong and able to meet both long and short-term needs of their clients in the public and private sector.

Our clients include:

  • ENL consortium
  • N.P.A

We are driven by dedication and professionalism to provide high standards of service