The strength of our shipping agency company is an in-depth knowledge of her environment, which will enable us provide outstanding services that are innovative and competitive.

Our clients can expect top of range services, because her services will be of international standards.


We are committed to providing each customer with value-add services. Our success lies in the tangible value provided to each client in the following ways:

    • Timeliness: ensuring a quick service without compromise to the quality of the output
    • Competitiveness: dedicated to delivering competitively priced services to the best advantage of each client.
    • Customer Focus: Customize services to meet the unique needs and expectations of each client
    • Local know-how: Having a local knowledge of our environment, terminals and jetties, which makes usprovide services that often also translate into major savings.
    • One-stop shop: our broad range of services, coupled with her strategic partnerships ensure comprehensive coverage of our clients needs
    • Innovation & flexibility: providing innovative services that seamlessly combine our expertise and experience in the shipping sector.


The Blueche lomado Shipping Agency Company provides professional agency attendance and husbandry services to all ships calling at Nigeria’s ports, terminals and offshore.

Whatever type of ships (cargo, tanker, container, etc.), our Shipping Agency Company has the expertise and resources to address all shipping needs, whether they be for:

  • Shipping Agency
    • Our one-stop shop service means that customers don’t have to deal with separate shore and port-based suppliers when your ships call at port, because we will deal with everything!
    • What’s more, our excellent relations with port and immigration authorities ensure that customer needs are given preference.
  • Funds Transfer
    • Arranging for the transfer and distribution of funds on customers behalf, in a secure and reliable manner.
  • Ship Supply & Husbandry Services
    • Spare parts clearance and delivery
    • Supply of provisions / stores
    • Inward & outward clearance
    • Berthing and sailing of vessels from the Jetty
    • Liaison with local authorities
    • Follow-up activities with other local contractors etc.
    • Communication assistance
  • Crew Handling
    • Meet & greet,
    • Hotel bookings
    • Airline ticketing
    • Shore pass arrangements,
    • Emergency medical evacuations, etc.